Rosary Meditations: A Lawyer Examines the Evidence is one man’s quest to understand the events from which the Mysteries of the Rosary arise. Former civil trial attorney, rancher, and U.S. Intelligence officer Robert M. Randolph has studied scriptures, local traditions, and patristics as well as archeology, astronomy, art, history, and modern science to help answer such questions as:

  • Where did the Annunciation take place?
  • Which star led the Magi to Bethlehem and the Baby Jesus?
  • How do the miracles at Lanciano and Bolsena support transubstantiation?
  • What do the Shroud of Turin and Sudarium of Oviedo tell us of the Crucifixion?
  • What happened on the morning of the Resurrection?
  • Where did Mary live after Jesus’ death?

Formatted as rosary meditations, the book examines all twenty Rosary mysteries, addressing events related to the Incarnation and Nativity through the Institution of the Eucharist and Passion to the Ascension of Christ and the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Rosary Meditations is more than just an investigation into the evidence regarding the Rosary mysteries; it is a unique resource that will help to strengthen the faith and soul of the reader, whether Catholic or Protestant.